A4 State By State Groups Purpose

The purpose of our A4 State By State Groups is to encourage, produce a practical initiative & solution for our American People to work together.

Many of our people generation after generation have traveled together, have been neighbors while cultivating & contributing to the health & security of each other.

Specifically in the areas of genealogy research, the application of practical law, commercial interests, addressing political & social issues not limited to corruption. Throughout our communities State by State our American Peoples’ rights are being denied & violated.

This is what remains unacceptable & must be addressed & corrected immediately:

  • Conspiracy Against Rights
  • Deprivation of Rights
  • Defamation of Character

Within A4PURE as a member of this platform having established that you are of our A4 American Kin through our collective American consanguinity you will have access to practical & quality information through the many years of collective research & experience acquired by OUR AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Much Appreciation To You All + The Energy Is Ripe + Let’s Do What We Know Needs To Be Done To Preserve + Secure Our American Posterity

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  1. First time on sight, but already thankful for the work that’s been put in!


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