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We all should have a certain developed & matured level of awareness to clearly see & know there are massive problems that have increased throughout each generation. These problems do not have 1, 2 or 3 symptoms or indicators. In truth these problems range from macroscopic to nanoscopic in scale. This includes political, social, legal, commercial/economical, medical, environmental, spiritual & each of these areas can be expanded on into great detail & length.

What A4PURE seeks to do is center our American Peoples’ attention & focus on themselves (ourselves) void of any foreign influence so we can effectively identify our needs & with a pure objective to secure them.

Within this platform which is purely ours A4, your consistent participation & presence is appreciated, desired & valued being we each have a vital role in correcting the incorrect. Identifying what we collectively know to be correct & securing it in addition to identifying that which we know to be incorrect & removing it.

Foreigners have brought an abundance of strategies & tactics in which they’ve used to sabotage their places of origin to our American People, especially our American Land. I personally know it is of extreme importance that we each maintain a consistent & rapid adaptive awareness of what is actively taking place impacting our lives from what some may consider small to what others may consider large.

As the developer of this platform for our American People to utilize & benefit from my intent is clear & simple… To establish & further our Independent American Interests as was preserved & fought for by Our Ancestors, Our Ancestors Nations for us their Posterity who are present to continue these base life principles for our Posterity Eternally for Eternity throughout Existence.

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