Our A4Classes

We are currently making preparations to make our A4 Classes available to our A4PURE members. These classes will be hosted by experienced individuals from within our American People.

The initial A4 Classes will consist of:

  • Genealogy
  • Civics
  • Common Law
  • Trust Law
  • American History
  • Many More on relevant subjects including Community, Social & Political Activities & Engagements

We Sincerely Appreciate Your Patience + Presence



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  1. I can’t wait until the classes are available. I am in need of much help to catch up in learning these laws and “perfecting” genealogy research.

  2. Looking forward to the progression of this cite. peace and love! This be CameronCosmos.

    • CameronCosmos, your presence is appreciated. We are working diligently to prepare the release of practical information.

      We will be updating the membership features very soon also so you all can effectively exchange information & be of assistance to each other.

      We also need more content providers in regards to various sectors of activity such as quality education, health (holistic), social issues specifically region/locational so we all can be aware & provide assistance to those that need it.

      Within the next two weeks we are planning a release from a financial planner to assist our members with wealth guidance & management.

      We would like to encourage you to gather as much information as you can in regards to your genealogy utilizing the guide as well as reviewing the Trust books. Awareness of these elements are very beneficial for longevity.

      Much Appreciation

      • I definitely will be utilizing this cite to cultivate more knowledge. My genealogy is extremely important to me, and with that being said, I will use the guide to push past these road blocks. I think many

  3. Just excited to get started with more research and gaining more knowledge to help myself and my bgo

  4. I can’t wait to get this corrupt knowledge out and what I should have been learning in. I want learn everything I can to help my family find their way. It is a struggle each day telling b

  5. Finally feel like I’m closer to home. Following the bread-crumbs
    back to Gramma’s house

  6. Thank you for providing real information and making it understandable and affordable. I’ve seen too many groups and individuals who hold th

    • We appreciate your presence & it has been the intent of #AFRICANAMERICANSAINTAFRICANS #A4 to provide quality services cost effectively for our American People.

      We appreciate the patience of everyone that had participated & we are working diligently to provide the best quality information.

  7. Awesome! Really interested in the Trust Law.

  8. Looking forward to them!

  9. Looking forward to the classes and growing in community!

  10. Finally found family on the Dawes! Thank you Ms Moon. Watching you do research online helped me think outside the box. I had to read hella applications and put two and two together to make it work. If anyone here is kin to any Mississippi Tubbees hey family!

  11. Much appreciation to you all for your presence & participation. If you’re available & interested send an email to contact@a4pure.com with any questions you would like to have answered in this Sunday’s initial Law Class/Conference Call. Once we receive your email you’ll be given the call in number & pin.

    Also please be aware that the conference calls will be recorded so we can provide the information for those that may need it.

    My Apologies for my delayed responses… I have more tasks than hands.

  12. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! Looking forward to the call!


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